Windows 7 win 7 / vista issues


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I recently added win7 / vista to my computer. The issue I am having is it takes a minimum of at least 4 minutes to boot up. When I push power up button I get the system count and then I get a curser in top left hand corner of my screen that sits there for 3 minutes before I get a message of "program not found skipping autocheck" and then my system boots up. What is causing this and why does it take so long?

Hold the windows button and hit "R".
Type in "msconfig" and hit enter.
Go to the "Startup" tab.
Take a screen shot, and upload it, then post it here and I'll be able to help you out.
The only things I use on msconfig are me firewall, spyware detector, and Anti-virus,

You can most likely disable all other entries such as

I can't advise about the Microsoft entry as I can't see the path.

Try disabling these entries, make sure the programs still work and you can keep them unchecked.

However, on running some programs, they automatically re-insert the command in msconfig.