Win 7 will not start.

Have been using W7 for a couple of months - last night it decided to reboot and will not complete the reboot. Tried to repair using the W7 tools without success. I ran Sea tools and it found 4 bad sectors and fixed them. No change so far. It still will not start and go to the desktop. The W7 repairs returned no error codes so I'm at a loss of what has gone wrong.

I am tempted to go back to XP if possible - which I doubt.....

I have Carbonite & the System Discs so I can reinstall W7 without losing anything but it will take a day or more. Is there a better way?


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to be fair bad sectors normally mean the hard drive is damaged, all the fixer will do is write a header to ignore the bad sectors and not use them at all....but they are still going to be there, one you've got bad sectors it's safer to buy a new hard drive. If the drive is new then I would contact Seagate and get it RMA's for free replacement (usually 3+ years warranty on Seagate)

I just bought a 1TB ext HD to back up my internal and ext HDs (the ext Seagate HD is acting up too) then I can back up everything and send both drives back.

Thx for the help -


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