win 7 wont install


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Hi All,
cant get win 7 to finish installing, goes right up to installing registry >>>> then reboots and then bsod,
this is being installed fom dvd which i have used (on this pc) and know works, have tried updating bios etc,
I can install xp and vista with no issues and nearly all parts are new, have tried a clean and upgrade to win 7 but nothing .
AMD 940 BE 3 ghz cpu
nvidia 9500 gt gpu
asus m3n72-d mobo
2 gb kingston ddr 2 1066
g7 680w psu
500gb sata hdd

any help would be appreciated
THX in advance Torpedeo :eek:


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Do you have any external devices plugged in?

Have you tried taking the DVD out of the drive prior to the last boot?

Can you take any unnecessary devices out of your system?

You may need to turn off something in your bios?

Can you try hitting F8 during the reboot and try choosing either basic video or ignore driver signing (or something like that)?