Windows 7 Win 7 wont recognize AMD Processor


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Jan 14, 2009
Hi guys,

Just installed win 7 last night and found i had this problem. My processor is AMD Turion 64 x2 Mobile Technology, and it only recognizes 1 of 2 Processors. In the task bar as well it only displays 1 processor, and its obviously running high most of the time.

Maybe you guys can help me out!

Here's how to enable dual core cpus.

I had the same issue and found this on

You need to rename the HAL.DLL (located in C:\windows\system32) to HAL.BAK then copy HALMACPI.DLL to HAL.DLL. This installed the multiprocessor version of the HAL and enabled 2 CPUs to be recognized in all of my applications properly.

Since HAL.DLL is not normally editable in a running OS, you have to boot up off the Vista (Windows7) CD and go into Repair mode and to the Command Prompt to make these changes.

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This will fix that problem.
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