Win 7 + WoW + Nvidia = Everlasting crashes?


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Sorry, I've been looking around on google, wow, and nvidia forums all day. I have the Nvidia GeForce 6600, with the latest driver. My computer runs nice and smooth, even when I'm playing WoW, however... When I play WoW for about 5+ minutes, it crashes. I can't ctrl + alt +del or anything. I looked in the system event log to see if there were any errors recorded, none. Tried downgrading nvidia drivers, but most installations don't work on Windows 7.

I have Windows 7 64 bit, just installed it a few days ago. Everywhere I look, people are saying it's the nvidia driver. How are people running WoW on Windows 7 64 bit with Nvidia drivers and aren't having any problems? I've tried the first driver that'll work on Win 7 from Nvidia, doesn't work, all the way up to the latest driver, and it still doesn't work. This game works perfect in Vista and XP, but not Windows 7. I don't understand this, and everywhere I look is never a solution.

EDIT: Fixed. Well, finally after leaving the case opened, I realized it ran longer. So I checked the video card while the game was running, and the fan wasn't even spinning on the card. I took the card out and felt it, and realized it was getting overheated. I didn't think it'd still overheat with 2 fans already in there. The heatsink on the graphics card was hot as hell. There was a small little piece of chunk that was in the fan's way, and I had to remove it. After that, I started the computer back up and the fan came back on. After running WoW for about an hour, the video card wasn't even hot anymore.

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Quit WOW,problem solved.

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