Win 7 x64 BSOD:(

So, for a week or so i'm having problem whit a bsod that keeps appearing from no where. I tryed reinstalling windows, its the same. I just don't understand why its happening.:(
I'm putting here the minidumps and the larg memory dump.
If someone can look at them and tell where the problem is that would be great, i'm just going insane, its happening like 2,3 times a day, no matter if i'm in a game or just browsing. I don't think its a hardware problem, i just got my computer back from service 2 months ago.:(

Memory Dump:



Well, you don't have to pay this time around, fortunately.

1) Update your Realtek lan driver:

Rt64win7 Rt64win7.sys Thu Feb 26 04:04:13 2009


2) Uninstall Daemon Tools then use the installer/uninstaller found at the following link to remove sptd.sys. Remove and do not update, as there is a choice while using:

DuplexSecure - Downloads

Reboot and install PowerISO to replace it. Emulation part of the software is free forever and will never crash Windows:

PowerISO - Create, Edit, Compress, Encrypt, Split, Mount, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter, Virtual Drive

3) Scan the machine for malware with Malwarebytes. This is important for you, since you do not have any antivirus installed.

When done, install MSE as it is excellent and the only a/v I will ever recommend.

Thank for the very quick answer.
Don't have daemon, i thought the same thing, it might be it, so i changed it and using virtualclonedrive:D
But i will use poweriso.:D
I don't think its a virus, its a fresh windows install, just 2 day's ago.:D

Hope it works, its annoying.:D

Thanks again, will post if it happens again after i try all the steps.

Yes, uninstall VirtualCloneDrive. And also uninstall sptd.sys as shown.

Yep, please keep us updated after some time on how things are going or immediately if new bsods happen. Post the dumps if so.

Sure thing, you're welcome.

Thanks again, will keep you posted and hope it stops happening.

So, i was happy, no more bsod, and then today, one more again:(
It happed when i played StarCraft 2, whici is curios, played it 2 day's ago like all day, and nothing happend:(
This is the new dump:(
Do i have to put the big one too?

View attachment 102810-13875-01.dmp

Thanks, really hate bsod:(

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Will get the update. I use tuneup to clear the registry, but i have windows 7 manager whici has something similar, i will use that. The fact is, there is a difference when you use a program that cleans your registry and when you don't and just let your computer rot.:D

Thanks again.

No, no performance difference whatsoever when cleaning the registry.

That being said, I recommend only Ccleaner for that.

Thanks, will get that too then:D


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Virtualclonedrive works fine in 7, been using it for awhile now.
GPU-86: AMD Catalyst The latest Ati drivers. 10.10c

So, i have a question, not related to the bsod, it seems that they are gone, thank god.

So, my question is i have a core 2 duo, E7300 it says its 2.66, but if i right click on my computer and go to properties, it says E7300 2.66 and next to it 2.02.
If i look whit the program everest it says CPU Type, dual core intel core 2 duo E7300 2017 MHz and down below Original Clock 2.667 MHz.

Whats the deal? Is it just the name E7300 2.66 and the processor is actually 2.02?


Glad to hear the bsods are gone. :)

It clocks down when not being used. If you encode a video, play a game or do anything else that is cpu intensive, it will use its full potential of the 2.66 GHz.

thanks, you guys are awesome.
I've refered a guy or 2 to this site who were having problems whit bsod's, hope i don't give you guy's to much work, its just its the first site that i've seen that really helps people, and fast too.

God dam it, happened again, when i exited Assassins creed 2. I did read somewhere that some games have problems whit the aero interface or something and the fact the video cards are not fully implemented in win 7, the drivers.
The solution they gave was to right click on a game, properties and in compatibility tab to disable desktop composition.
I will post the dump too:(
View attachment 103110-14500-01.dmp

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Is there anyway you can try a different set of memory? If not can you check your memory timings in the bios?

The computer is in waranty for an other year, can't mess whit it. And its not the memory, i had it like 5 times to a computer service, last time was like 2-3 months ago, i'm pretty sure they are fine. And i have no idea where this memory timing is in bios, i try to stay away from bios, a friend of mine just blow his motherbord up when he updated the bios.
I think it has something to do whit that aero interface of win 7, i made it so it disables itself when i start a game, but i'm still waiting for TorrentG to look at my dumps and see whats up.

Update or uninstall CPU-Z.

cpuz132_x64 cpuz132_x64.sys Sat Mar 07 05:03:14 2009

Other than that, all the drivers are fine. You can update the bios then set the failsafe defaults in the bios settings. Save.

Test the memory with Memtest86+ overnight for errors to show or not. There is a memory issue.

Unistalled the CPU-Z thing. Won't update the bios, how i sed, a friend tryed that and it blow the motherbord, if i send the computer to service, it will take them 2 weeks at least before i get it back.
Will try the memtest thing.
I still think its the aero thing in the end, it only happens now when i exit a game, it the begining it might have been daemon tools too, bsods for 2 different reasons, that really really sucks.

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