Windows 7 Win 7 x64 running super slow


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For the last week my computer has been running like crap. Last week around the 31st my internet stoped working. I rebooted several times and it started working again.

Then yesterday it did it again. I rebooted and now the computer will barely run. I finally got the internet to connect, but the computer runs like its a freaking pentium 1. I cant get anything to completly open. Just seems like its dieing :(

It might be kaspersky as it says previous application launch failed. but im not sure. i cant even get into control panel to do anything.
Please indicate the build you are using.
you might have trojan(maybe).... or it could be your hard drive failing. might want to make sure you have everything backed up just in case..... Can you add some more details, so maybe we can help you....
Its build 7000. And its on a brand new raptor 300gb. So the hard drive better not be failing. Im running a amd x2 6000+ with 6gb ram and a nvidia 8600 512mb video card.

This is really starting to get frustrating. I would try to do something, but all i can do is boot in safe mode to actually do something. but i dont know what to do.

i did get it to boot and run, but internet did not work. then about 5 mins later it started running like crap again. and the internet still didnt work.
my advice....wipe your hdd and install build 7000 or higher again and see if it still does it. if it does, it might be your hdd. just something i would try :razz:
Maybe your computer has not enough power to run a 64 bit version? Give your specs and build please.

I would suggest that ANY CPU these days that is 64 bit capable is MORE than sufficient to run W7 X-64 (any build). Even on a 512MB RAM machine (1GB will be more than OK - even for W7 X-64).

If the computer is slowing down hideously do the following -- switch off any AV software first as these can be quite a resource hogger. I've assumed that you've already checked the computer hasn't been infected in any way.

Check also if your "Disk Led" is on a lot or flashing vigorously -- loads of disk activity will kill any system.
then do :

1) Unplug the Internet to stop any spurious activity such as Media streaming (a lot of people stream particularly audio and never turn it off).

2) Check you are not running out of Disk space. This will cause problems particularly if the system has to do a lot of paging.

3) Stop unnecessary system services from running -- I'm not an expert on this - especially as a lot depends on what applications you have on your computer - but there's plenty of help on the forums.
5) kill indexing as well - especially if you have a lot of disk drives.

If these still don't work freshly install the OS again. W7 runs fine so you must have some activity which is killing your system. If the Disk space isn't a problem then my Nr 1 culprit would be the AV software you are using, followed by Disk indexing.

If the Disk space isn't a problem then my Nr 1 culprit would be the AV software you are using, followed by Disk indexing.


That might be what im thinking. I am going to try and get it started up in safe mode and see if i can uninstall AV software. Im also going to get rid of everything adobe. as i understand sometimes adobe can cause a few problems in win 7.

Ok i got kasblandy(sp) uninstalled. So far so good. I'll run it for a little while later tonight. And run some tests on the computer now that i can use it. See if there could have been anything else causing it.
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Do you using Spybot ?

If you have it, undo all the "Internet Explorer (domains)" immunization. The final version of IE8 don't like it, and slow all starting and displaying of x86 application and some x64 apps too.