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    Now that Revo(free) does not detect 64 bit programs I have done homework and would like an opinion, please;

    I have boiled the search down to;

    1-Geekuninstaller-which handles both 32 and 64 bit
    2-Advanced uninstaller pro- reads the same
    3-I found this intersting article but do not know if it is advisable. I would not mind the extra work if were worth it;
    Open Start>run>cmd. Enter "cd %programfiles%" and press enter. Type "dir /p" without quotes. You will see the list of all your programs now. To delete-uninstall CCleaner type rd /s "CCleaner" and press "Y". This will permanently delete this program so be sure you know this is what you want.
    You can delete any program using this method just replace the name with what you want to delete. Read also how to uninstall programs using command prompt.

    Thank you

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