Win 8


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Mar 31, 2011
I have Win 7 and love it. I have been reading about Win 8 and want to ask 2 questions from Win 7 users regarding a possible upgrade.
Do you need to buy a special codec to play dvds or can you use third party like Ashmpoo to play them? Do you know the cost of the codecs if necessary?
Secondly, they are offering tutorials because it is supposed to be that much different than previous operating systems. It seems to be geared to mobile devices.
Do you know of any other negatives so we can all be informed before upgrading, if we do?
1.I don't think so,considering you can buy it from Windows Media player?
2.You can if you want to.
1.You lose the original GUI of Windows 7,so yeah,that's a minus.
2.It gets harder to find files if you are not used to "ribbons"
Tại sao win 8 lại không sử dụng được một số chương trình thiết kế đồ họa vậy mọi người?
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