Windows 7 Win & Boot up and Bios probs


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Jan 18, 2009
OK, had Win7 running fine with a 40gb WD HD. Win XP (sp3) runs fine on the 80 Gb HD. Decided to

get a few bigger hd's and reinstall win 7 for the heck of it.
My win XP SP3 works fine when booted up into it.

My bios somehow got changed and this is what I came up with to get the thing to run!! I'm sure

it must not be right but at least I can get to my XP hard drive!! I can boot to Win7 but

everything just hangs. I've tried the 500gb drive with the jumper and without, and it

doesn't seem to make a difference.

Standard CMOS:
Pri IDE Master 80gb Western Ditigal
Pri IDE Slave Not Installed
Sec IDE Master ATPI DVD/CD player
Sec IDE Slave Not installed
ThirD IDE Master WD 500 SATA II HD With Jumper in/out
Third IDE Slave Not Installed
the rest not installed

Advanced Bios:
Quick Boot
Boot Device Select: DVD, 80gb, 500gb
Fulle Sgreen logo disabled
Smart Drive: Disabled
number lock on
FDD seek disabled
Hyperthreading: enabled
Sys Bios Cachebale: Disbaled


Clear NVram: no

Intregrated Peripherals:

USB Controller: enabled
USB Device Legancy Support:
ON Chip IDE Config:
on chip ata(s) operate mode: Legacy
ATA Config: PATA Only
Sata Keep Enabled: Yes
Data Channel Selet: Both
Sata posts defination: Po-3rd./p1-4th

My performance mode is set to normal
My boot menue looks like this when I boot up:

Older window System
Windows 7
Windows 7

The bottom Windows 7 seems to be from an earlier install.

Befor I installed win7 on the had I totally formated the drive and got a clean install,

except it hung on the video driver. I safe booted and it loaded AGP440.sys anda loaded

the rest of win7

I don't plan on messing with my xp drive (C) since it works fine and I don't want to screw that up.

I feel maybe I have some issues with the drives and the master slave settings.....


MSI 865G Neo 2 PLS MS-6728
Intel P4 2.8ghz Northwood 800 FSB oc to 238 3.3ghz
Artic Cooling Super Silent HS/Fan
ATI X850 Pro
4GB (2x512) Crucial PC3200 DDR Ram (no mods)
Liteon DVD +/- RW SOHW-1633S
Antec Sonata Box w/380W PS (True380S)
+5V 35A, +12V 18A, +3.3V 28A, -5V.5A, -12V 1.0A, -5V 2.0A
Western Digital 80Gb HD
Windows 7 (Beta)
Win XP Home SP3
western digital drives are kind of funny at times.

A lot of times I have had to set the master western digital drives jumper settings to slave to be able to use them with other (maxtor, seagate, etc) drives in the same system.

Not so much now with all SATA II drives, but with an IDE in there, it happens about 80% of the time.
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