Win Live Messenger

I have the latest installed, all working fine, but the MSN "new content" pop-up (taskbar) is annoying - any way to disable that?

looks to me I have Live Today unchecked but it still pops up every time I start messenger - most annoyingly it pops up 3x in a row.

thx for trying
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Thanks for help guys!

I see the pop-up got better flashing just once when signed-in.
I can take that but hope it will be optional in the next release.


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That's quite strange - no problem here for me.
As a matter of fact, I think it's disabled by default in this build.
OMG Microsoft actually got something right for once!
you talk about version 2009? - lucky guy you are!
could very well be disabled by default as I never did uncheck it :)

however, the msn has new content alert nuisance continues!



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No, I mean the 2010 beta build..
Is it like Windows Live Today, or like a "______ Has just signed in" kind of notification?
You can change those settings in Options>>Alerts.