Win update changes profile?

Prior to the Windows updates of 12/15/09 I was local administrator, now I am a standard user with my previous profile wiped out.

And my Shutdown and Restart items are greyed out. Any ideas out there?


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Can you restore back before the update?

Do you currently have an administrative user on the system?

I have no idea why an update would wipe out an administrative user. But there have been some strange situations with some installs when they try to add users where multiple folders were created in the new user profile. If you no longer have an adminstrator, I am not sure what you can accomplish from where you are. Maybe try safe mode and see if you can log in and change something that way.

Was this an in-place upgrade over a previous OS or a custom install?

It is a brand new Dell with win 7 x64. I guess I didn't put a regular 'Administrator' account on the machine, I just set myself up as an Administrator. My co-worker who is a Domain Admin, was able to get in and add the Administrator account and then re-set me to local admin.
Still not sure why I lost my local admin rights as well as the Shutdown and Restart options in the Start button. But I'm back in business now.
Thank you so much for your reply.


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Just so you know, there is not really a pure administrator account in Windows 7 unless you activate it. The normal situation is for the main user to be an administrator/user with the admin authority being used if a UAC message is shown for you to click and allow.

If you were really not the user/administrator because of an update, something messed up your install.

Anyway, glad you got it working.

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