win xp pro sp3 cant print on shared printer

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    ive been racking my head over this one... i recently upgraded my desktop to win7 pro 64bit.. everything works fine and all but for the life of my my laptop which has xp pro sp3 is unable to print on the shared printer i have setup on my desktop..

    this is how its setup..
    samsung ml-2010 is plugged in directly via usb to my win7 pro desktop
    xp pro sp3 laptop connected to wireless to workgroup

    the workgroup is the same

    control panel > network sharing centre > advanced settings
    -network discovery is ON
    -file and printer sharing is ON
    -public sharing folder is OFF
    -password protected sharing is OFF

    ive also tried this method posted by jimbo45

    and my laptop with xp pro sp3 is still unable to print on the shared printer.. my laptop can see the printer when i add network print \\workgroup\printer and when it asks for login/password i put in my desktop login/password... it connects and the driver is being installed pops up... but when i print it will tell me "your file waiting to be printed was deleted".. ugh

    any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated
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