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using windows 1o with firefox, recently read about snapfish and lenovo machines, although my laptop is not lenove, my tablet is, I decided to check, so checking firefox, options advance, view certificates, I checked my certificates, I am clear of snapfish but noticed there are a number of certificates from:

Equifax; Go daddy . com, inc; (no spaces between . and com but when posting advised it is a sneaky URL) Taiwan; Hongkong Post; Japanese Government; Turkey & Wells Fargo: all say they are builtin object token also under the Servers tab, never have used yahoo The USERTRUST Network and again Equifax:

what are they and can I get rid, all help and advice appreciated


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thank you, I have the the program and, good news, no problems, I appreciate your help, thank you again


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The majority of them of are Trusted CA root certs. If you remove them you are going to get warnings on any https you go to so it's not a good idea to remove them.

Hi I agree with Neemobeer! Here's a list of some bad guys you don't want!
  • Sendori
  • Purelead
  • Rocket Tab
  • Super Fish
  • Lookthisup
  • Pando
  • Wajam
  • WajaNEnhance
  • DO_NOT_TRUSTFiddler_root (Fiddler is a legitimate developer tool but malware has hijacked their cert)
  • System Alerts, LLC
  • CE_UmbrellaCert


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thank you one and all, I appreciate your help and advice:thumbs_up:

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