Win32 Virus

So i was scanning my C: Drive which has Vista Home Premium on using Microsoft Security Essentials and came across this:

Exploit:Win32/Pdfjsc.gen!A- Servere.

Category: Exploit

Description: This program is dangerous and exploits the computer on which it is run.

Recommendation: Remove this software immediately.

Microsoft Security Essentials detected programs that may compromise your privacy or damage your computer. You can still access the files that these programs use without removing them (not recommended). To access these files, select the 'Allow' action and click "Apply actions". If this option is not available, log on as administrator or ask the local administrator for help.

containerfile:C:\Users\George\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\QEO20EWQ\readme[1].pdf
file:C:\Users\George\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\QEO20EWQ\readme[1].pdf->(pdf0000:)

I deleted it straight away. But does any one know about this virus yet.


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Yes, I think so. I remember some talk about Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader vulnerabilities a few months ago. We all updated. It attacks when you visit a webpage that contains malicious PDF Files. Or if you open an e-mail message containing PDF file as an attachment. (Clean you disk) You might do a system restore to before attack...


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Well I was scanning my computer for viruses and well I got this same thing, but when I try deleting it the thing says that it cannot delete and I dont know how to get rid of this bug. please help :(

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