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    I have a small office with a Desktop PC onvereted into a File server which has licenses for couple of multi user softwares residing. Further I have about 10 Laptops and 3 Desktops.

    My server has two NIC's. A linksys wireless (wrt54gs) router is connected to one NIC and a Netgear WL router is connected to another NIC.

    5 laptops get connected to the Wifi Linksys router. And to teh Negear Router 5 more laptops + a Netwrok printer with static IP and a switch (unmanaged) is conneted. 3 desktops (all with static IP) in turn get connected to this switch.

    Iam not able to give print from a Laptop connected to the Linksys router. However the prin comes out if I give a print out from a laptop connected to the negear router.

    Pls NOte: The Linksys Router assigsn IP starting from to and the netgear assigns IP from to

    Further at times the laptops connected to the Netgear routers are not able to obtain the license for the multiuser softwares from the server (in variably Iam forced to work in Educational mode on those laptops)

    Can some one help me with a solution to this.

    A temporary solution which solved this was (I created a netwrok bridge in the server between the two NICs)

    But Iam sure this is not the solution.


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