Windows 7 Win7 32 to Win7 64


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I have both Vista 64 and and Win7 build 7000 32 bit. Should I upgrade Win7 32 to 64, I primarily use Win7 now, but I still don`t want to get rid of Vista just yet since 7 is still a beta with limited support here and there for some applications. Tri-boot is no go since I will be testing OS X on it soon to compare the different OSes.

Since win7 is so light ( I`m running 5 tabs in Chrome, iTunes, Limewire, and Steam right and using 930 MB out of 2813), would it be worth it to upgrade it. I have 4 Gb of ram along with a 512 Mb GPU. Would I really see a performance increase?
You can't upgrade a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit OS.
You'd have to format the partition and reinstall the 64 bit.