Win7 and CTX Touchscreen monitor not playing nice

im setting up an ITX jukebox PC for my dad and the CTX touchscreen monitor i got for it won't cooperate. im not sure if its Windows 7 or the monitor itself causing the issues. essentially the axises are totally screwy. its like the monitor is rotated 90o to the left. i tried letting Windows install the drivers and using the touchscreen calibrator built into Windows 7 but no luck. the driver disc that came with the monitor didn't work.

i know its a pretty specific question but any help would be awesome!


New Member
how did you connect your ctx monitor to your pc

hi there im having trouble connecting my ctx monitor to pc if you could help me out in doing this im certain i would be able to solve your problem for sure as i know windows 7 inside out scratch my back and i'll scratch yours thanks in advance.

mine functioned like any other monitor, excluding the touchscreen aspect. i just plugged in via VGA and i it worked. what seems to be the problem with yours? simply not displaying at all? just give me a play by play of whats happening. it would be fantastic if we could solve both our problems.

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