Win7 and XP not seeing each other on Network

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    I have Win7 connected via ethernet to router, and WinXP connected to same router via wireless. Both Internet work fine and using Win7 build 7000 the network worked also. Since upgrading to build 7057 I cannot get either machine to see each other on Network.

    None of the solutions on this forum seem to work for me. I've setup home network on XP machine using "HOME" as the name, all file sharing enabled. I've disconnected from homegroup on Win7 and connected as a home network with all file sharing, etc enabled. I've reboot many time, etc.

    This is driving me crazy, they don't even see each other! where as before they worked fine!


    OK, I can now transfer my backup'd files from XP, which is all I needed to do for now. I'm getting restricted access in WinXP which shouldn't be too difficult to solve, I got this far by;

    Leave homegroup, network as home.

    Running network disk on win7, the small file that winXP network wizard makes as option - Not sure whether this made a difference.

    In explorer folder, right click on computer icon, add a network connection, then \\yourcomputername\shareddocs I could then use my WinXP networked files.
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