Win7 batch photo renaming issue


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What am I missing? Just upgraded to Win7 and am having an issue renaming photos after I import them. I shoot both jpg and RAW depending on the circumstances so both file types can be on the card. To rename from the basic "DSC_0001" I have always just highlighted all the pics and then hit "Rename" on the first one and typed the new name. All pics in order the had the "(2)", "(3)", etc. after it.

The problem I can't seem to get around is Win7 is seperating the RAW and jpg so after I do the rename, I have 2 pics named "2009_Nationals(1)", 1 jpg and 1 RAW. Is there a way to get it to add the "(#)" in order regardless of file type?


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Thanks esix, I'll check that out. After working with MS Tech Support, they tell me Win7 will always seperate the files by type and give them their own sequence numbers. So if you have jpg and RAW on the same card, then there is no longer a way in Windows to easily rename the files in order.

Bad move on by MS imo to not even give the user the option to change it. I hate importing using PS because it seems to randomly alter the order the pics are in, especially if you shot a bunch in continuous mode like at a sports event. I just imported 680 photos using PS, had the wizard set to start at "custom name+1", and the first picture (chronologically on the SD card) is Disney_368. Disney_1 is in about the middle of the trip. What is up with that?

I always found it easier to just import directly into the folder I wanted, quickly rename the photos and then open PS to do any editing.

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