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    Every time I boot my computer, it come up loading files, the open the boot recovery mode. If I leave it, it says that it fix one error, then it restarts and does the same again. The error was that it the boot.ini was missing. So I booted it up with ubuntu, and created an empty boot.ini file, then booted the minitool partition wizard (Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to manage partition directly with partition manager bootable CD.) and configured the boot.ini. But still no luck. It's booting into recovery mode because that is the first partition.
    Help will be apreciated!
    Edit: I can't get into safe mode.
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    This is a Windows 7 forum...boot.ini was left behind in XP. :) But the BCD store is basically a replacement for it. If you want to know what it says, you might open an administrative command prompt. Type bcdedit /enum all then highlight and copy the contents of the window, or use the snipping tool to take pictures of the contents. Attach using the paperclip on Advanced replies.

    But you are saying it always starts in a repair mode? Have you tried using the F8 key, or boot to an Install DVD/Repair CD and done a Startup Repair? There have been many occurrences of a computer getting in a Repair Loop, which may be very hard to get out of.

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