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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by tebugg, Aug 10, 2010.

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    hello. first off i wanna say i love the windows 7 forums. lots of information here. i was wondering, is there a way to take the windows 7 boot-up logo, the one thats a little animation of the 4 color balls coming together to make the win7 logo, and use it as a desktop background? like a small video. i have the files already installed on my win7 OS that allows me to play a video as a my desktop background. if this has already been discussed on the forums i apologize for creating a double thread. any information on this would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time.
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    Hey...Funny, I just dealt with something similar, which is rare for me.

    The only easy way I can imagine this being done is to use a virtual machine to boot Windows 7. While doing so, use a screen capture utility to make a video of the virtual machine doing that. Then edit and convert it to .mpg so it is 100% compatible with DreamScene.

    Edit - This may also be helpful in your quest:
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    Windows7BootGif. This attached animated gif any use?

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