WIN7 C and D hard drive - oops!

I reinstalled windows 7 on my mother's computer, and just followed prompts throughout. Seems that I partitioned the hd with C and D drives. The C drive is where all files are at and seems to be the startup drive, and it's only 15 gigs. It is now full. D has 180 gigs and nothing on it. So - how can I either:
1) move all files to D and have plenty of room
2) allocate more room to C:

I'm by no means a windows guru, but I did stay at a holiday inn last night...:) any help would be most appreciated!


The simplest and easiest way is to do another re-install of 7.


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You can delete the D partition and extend the C using Disk Management.

So, we actually have a 200Gig HDD. Data could be moved from C to D & be stored or amassed there henceforth; this would free up some space on (the current) C... but, it is still small @ 15Gigs.

So, yes, the best would be to redo the install & do 1 of 2 things:
1. Done as just 1 single drive using the entire 200Gigs.
2. Done as 2 Partions (1 the System or OS drive, C:\ AND 1 the Data drive, D:\); could be 50/50 or split however you prefer. This is best, normally, cus if the OS has to be rebuilt (ever) the Data drive is not impacted.
BUT, 200Gig is a bit small, by today's standards, so, it might be better to go w/ 1 partion & add another drive, either internal or external for back-up & or data storage. Such devices are quite inexpensive, now.
3. Yes, can delete 'D' & extend C:\

And 15 Gigs for an OS partition IS definately too small.


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