Win7 can't remember window size of apps after update

[FONT=&quot]After I did an update of nVidia 9600 gt driver in Win7 64bit 'Windows Update', no longer is the window size of ANY applications that were open at the time of the update remembered (after I resize them, then close them then reopen them).[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]It didn't affect all apps - Firefox was fine, but Internet Explorer, all MS Office apps, Corel PhotoPaint, etc can no longer remember the size I made their windows.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]It didn't help to put the old driver back - in fact it made it worse, as by then I had even more apps open, and now none of those can't remember the window size either.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]There must be some place in the registry where a change got made for each of these programs that can be fixed?[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Thanks for your help.[/FONT]

Did you try system restore ?

How did you do the update of nVidia 9600 gt driver ?

You should:

1. Uninstall the current video driver and reboot
2. Download NVIDIA DRIVERS 196.21 WHQL
3. Install the driver
4. Reboot


To have your system remember a window size, use File => Close to exit the window. Next time you start it will be your custome size.

Some applications can override custom sizes and set default on startup.

I wonder does your notepad window remember its custom size ?


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First, do not use the Maximize button.

Drag each side and top and bottom to the desired size,then choose File > Exit from the menu. DO NOT use the red X

Now try opening the program again.

Thank you guys for the suggestions, but it didn't help.

1) I had uninstalled the driver
2) Rebooted in safe mode
3) Installed a new driver (i tried 4 different versions 4 different times as nvidia said it would be better to also try an old stable version).
4) Rebooted
No help

I tried closing by 'exit' rather than X but that didn't help.

System restore failed. (I tried disabling all Norton stuff first, but from 'services' I could not disable the remaining service there which restore said could be the cause).

BTW, Notepad (one suggestion) works fine - no problems.

NOTE: One thing I noticed - some programs like Internet Explorer will let me change the width, but not the height.

Any other suggestions would be so appreciated, as i can't stand having to resize all my windows all the time.


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This is very strange.

First, I can't imagine why a video card would have anything to due with Window size.

One thing I noticed - some programs like Internet Explorer will let me change the width, but not the height.
Could you elaborate on that. Do you receive any error message?

Try dragging the taskbar to different positions on the screen, then place it where you normally have it and give it a try again.

First - i LOVE your camaro. I used to have a '68 Convertible Camaro back in 1976.

When the video driver was updated, the screen went black for a moment. That's when all this happened.

I found out i can give myself a one-time fix if i change my windows user. The screen also goes black when i switch. and then it will let me do a one-time change on window size. but I can't change it again unless i change 'user' again.

On some programs like Excel, I can always change the position of the window, the width, and i can even shorten the window. But i can't make it longer again. It's almost like when you change to a lower resolution on your screen, and then you go back to the higher resolution and all the windows are shorter so they would fit the lower resolution.

Other programs like IE, i can only change the width - not the height at all - even if i switch users.


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When the video driver was updated, the screen went black for a moment
That;s perfctly normal behavior...ask any expert.

Did you try dragging the taskbar to the left side of the screen and then tried to manpulating the width or height

it didn't help to move the taskbar and then resize windows.

It must be a software like one from Norton System tools or the like, which overrides your user settings for the custom window sizes.

Custom sizes work fine on my PC, including IE 8.

1. Open ONE instance of an application, like 1 IE 8 Window, or 1 FF window, just ONE instance and not more!!

2. Adjust window size, the height and the width

3. File => Close

4. Now restart the application to see if it's keeping the new size

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