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Jun 4, 2009
Hi! I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I'm at my wits end! lol

I've just installed Win7 on a second partition on my computer and when i tried to connect to the wireless network in our house it just said "no connections are available".
I have a Linksys wireless adapter wmp54g v4.1 that works fine on the Vista half of the comp but cant seem to be found on Win7.

I tried searching the web for an answer but just got more confused - very computer challenged here, lol

any idea what I'm doing wrong? :frown:

edit: i figured it out! i had the wrong driver version, i needed the 64bit not the 32 bit

edit2: arg!! and i thought i had it too :( well my adapter can finally be recognized in the Device list and i was able to see my wireless connection in the house but for some reason it still wont allow me to connect to the network?

It shows up if i click on "manage wireless connections" but when i hit connect i get the same old "no connections are available"
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