Win7 does not recognize Verbatim 1TB USB Desktop Hard Drive

Cheers. Hope I posted this in the right forum, kinda new here.

Anyway, I need your help. Before I installed Win7 I bought this fancy 1tb external hard drive, 1TB USB Desktop Hard Drive.
It worked fine on XP which was installed at the time, but it doesn't work at all with Win7.

When I plug it in, that tray icon saying "Installing driver software" pops up as usually, but a moment later it says "Failed to install drivers". Apparently it doesn't even recognize what it is, device manager say it's an "Unkown Device".
Verbatim havn't released any drivers for this hardware, so I have absolutely no clue how to solve this issue. All my music is stored there!

I can fill you in with any details you like, but I don't know where to start. Questions? I'll try to answer as fast as possible.


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Check To See If You Are Getting Enough Power

I've noticed when there is a power issue Windows will fail to recognize the device and not install software.... See below


It uses external power so it's fully supplied (don't tell me it isn't cause it works very well with XP). And I'm not able to format the drive since win7 does not even know it's a disk drive.
Any other ideas? Thanks anyway celestra :)

Drives not showing up in 'My Computer' in Windows 7

My answer….
I opened the ‘Manage’ utility (by right clicking the ‘Computer’ in start), and selected ‘Storage’ which showed my external drive as an un-lettered icon in the upper-right window, and as ‘DRIVE 1’ in the lower-right window. I selected the drive in the upper-right window, right clicked it, and selected ‘DELETE VOLUME’. Then I selected the drive (Disk 1) in the lower-right window where it shows the drive partition, and selected ‘New Simple Volume’. Stepped through the wizard, and assigned the drive letter I wanted. It then went through a format (the first time through I did a FULL format.. and QUICK format after that..) After everything was done, it was visible on the ‘My Computer’ page and all was well!!

Cheers, Dave

Problem is that it's not recognized as a volume, so I can't delete volume :/

Anyway, turns out I was wrong, it didn't work on XP. Tried it with my dad's laptop and apparently it has broken somehow. Odd thing is that it must've broke the instant I got Win7.
Sorry for the inconveniece, thanks for you help!

hello i av the same problem and i pop into a website and this is what was said Your usb interface is toast.... The hard drive is fine and the data is still there but the usb interface is toast.... windows does not know what it is or how to communicate via USB because the "descriptor" built into your interface is FRIED. You can take the drive casing apart and you will discover a hard drive inside that you can plug into a computer as secondary drive and pull the files off of it. You can also purchase an interface adaptor like this one: [...] 6812156101
Or just buy yourself an external hard drive case and put your drive into it. Just remember you cannot unplug the usb without disconnecting it thru winders.... :) or you will toat the new one as well……. av not tried it yet but hopefully this works let me kno

I had the same problem with Win 7. Verbatim support was fast, and they said to connect the HD directly into the computer or use a different USB cable. I plugged the HD into the computer, and was recognized instantly. I then plugged it into (after disconnecting with the Windows removal icon) my USB hub and everything worked fine after that.

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