Win7 Doesn't detect any sound devices

Hello, Im having a really bad problem. I got win7 enterprise and everything worked fine until i tried some speakers with a subwoofer (they weren't computer speakers), they worked fine, then i plugged back in my headphones and the problem began. It doesn't detect them and it says that it's unplugged. I tried several headphones, tried reinstalling the sound driver, nothing helped. Anyone know whats the problem?


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Are your headphones connected to the loudspeakers?

They are connected to the green plug. I always connected them to the green plug and they worked until now. I got a speaker icon with a red x near the clock, and it says no speakers or headphones are plugged in but I got my headphones plugged in.


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I'm a bit lost here... do you have any audio working? May sound like a stupid question, but we do communicate in a language foreign to me. The most probable solution is, I think, to be found in software: check the software settings for your audio, it may be Realtek or something else, there are several. Somewhere along the road there may be a tick "not wanted", or a tick "necessary but not marked".

Like I have a 5.1 sound system, and I just recently noticed the farthest 2 speakers were numb. Silly me.


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You can try this...

Unplug all your speakers and headphones.

Go to Device Manager and uninstall your sound device under, Sound, Video and Game Controllers.
Right click on it and select Uninstall.

Reboot your computer and let Windows redetect it and reinstall the default drivers.

Got to sounds and see that it is installed and check to see if you have Windows Sounds.

If you do...

Now plug in your head set, go to the Playback tab and see if they are shown, if they aren't reboot with them plugged in and see if they show up.

If you get the headphones to work then plug in the speakers.


All my audio isin't working. It just can't detect any audio devices. I don't know if I messed up something in the software or the audio board burned up.

Thanks for the help. I did everything you told me. Uninstalled all the audio devices (there were 3) and restardet my pc but I didin't see any installing process, but the sound icon near the time and date was allright there was no x on it. I plugged in my headphones - nothing, restarted my pc - still nothing. I just see this thing at the playback tab

And I just noticed that it is the same thing with the mic (I didin't test my mic, so I don't know if it's working or not, but I think it's not).

Anyone know whats the problem?


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First of all, I need to thank you. I bought 5.1 loudspeakers a while ago, but didn't get the back two speakers to make a sound. Now, studying your problem, I noticed I had two wires not connected.

I'm quite confident that you have something of the same sort. Your wiring is lacking? Politely, eh? :)


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This is what I see, on my computer....

Sound 01.JPG

Sound 02.JPG

I've never been able to get anything out with Digital Audio set as default.

Check in Device Manager and see if the audio devices were reinstalled, (you wouldn't have seen any install process it just happens during reboot) and look at Properties to see if it says the device is working properly.

Then unplug everything audio related and reboot then plug them back in and see if you get the sound that shows that Windows recognises them.

Then look at Sounds again to see if they are shown as plugged in.

If everything says it's working and they still don't show the only thing I can think of is to try updating your drivers again.

Sound issues can be some of the most mystifying problems, I don't know why they should be any different than video but I've messed with them for days only to have them start working again for no reason that I know of, but the things I mentioned earlier usually work.


I just reinstalled my windows and the problem is the same. No sound devices is detected. I checked the device properties and it say's it works properly. Can the problem be the sound board?


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Hi Again.

Do you have access to a USB headset.

I've often found that a USB headset will work when the ones that plug into the jack on the sound card won't.

Not that, that would really prove anything, but is sounds at this point that your audio device isn't working.

Do you have a sound card or is the sound coming from the motherboard.

Either way it may be time to try replacing the sound card if you have one, or adding one if you don't.
You can get one pretty cheap if you aren't super fussy about the sound. Creative Labs SB0570L4 Sound Blaster Audigy SE Sound Card: Computers & Accessories

This is what I have, it's not expensive and has really good sound... Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D THX PCIE Sound Card SB1350: Computers & Accessories

I'd almost guarantee that this would fix the problem, since it will completely replace whatever you are using now.



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If you mean your motherboard with sound board, it's highly unlikely, because if there was a problem or hardware failure, Windows wouldn't report it as functioning... although we constantly face surprises.

I would suggest you try with some basic 2.0 or 2.1 loudspeakers. It's possible that the non-computer loudspeakers you mention in your op are simply not compatible, due to voltage or wattage, and Windows reacts by throwing the whole thing to Digital Audio... reporting all is fine.


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I think that there's more to this then the speakers, it doesn't see his speakers or his Headset, and it did see the speakers at one time.

That said: if he has access to another set of speakers he should give it a try, you never know.
I keep thinking he blew something when he plugged the headset in with the speakers somehow.

If there are no speakers attached shouldn't he hear sound from the built in speaker that all computers have?
Even my new computer makes some sound when nothing is plugged in.

I've run into a lot of sound problems over the years, and occasionally unsolvable without replacing the sound card.

I've switched to USB headsets because they seem to have less problems.

I spent a week trying to get a friend's sound working when he switched to Windows 7.
It was working fine in XP, and we made no physical changes to the computer when we installed W7. just stuck in the disk and installed it.

We were ready to give up, then we unplugged everything for the 4th or 5th time and when rebooted we got the Windows start sound.

I still have no idea why, we had checked all the connections over and over.

We had even pulled the sound card and put it back in at one point.

Then it just started working!


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