Win7 doesn't see files in second HDD though I can.

After shutting down my computer for the night, and turning it on the next morning. My computer no longer see's the files located in my second HDD.

If I click on the Icons, it will still load the program, and I can still open the HDD in "My Computer" under Games Galore(D:). The problem is the image for the icons is that broken file image.

I went into the Disk Management section, it see's the HDD, the Partition, as well as the drive letter. It is set to Active as well as Primary Partition. Status is Online with 1863.02 GB on the partition...

Any thoughts on to why my computer randomly cannot access the files images on the second HDD?

More info on the HDD from the Disk Management screen...
Files System: NTFS
Status: Healthy(Active, Primary Partition)
Type: Basic
Free Space 1676.96GB


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I'm no expert on these things. But is this your main "System Drive"? I ask because I thought/think that only the System Drive HDD/partition should be marked as "Active".

Joe S

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I'm not sure either but I think you're right about only having the system partition marked active. If memory serves I think in dual boot the inactive drive partition was marked primary.

Actually, after turning it on to active, shutting it down for the night again, it now recognizes the files, and I can see the actual images now instead of the broken link ones.

Maybe my Win7 is confused... Thanks anyway, I will try to take it off active and see if they disappear.

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