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I am new to Win7 having used XP in the past. Some of my emails are data sensitive, ie orders and receipts with personal data. With emails of this type I normally shred them with File Shredder. Under XP and Outlook Express it was easy to select a file for shredding - it was located in C/Documentsandsettings/"name"/LocalSettings/ApplicationData......./. You just located the file by its address in File Shredder and shredded it. Alternatively you located it directly in Explorer and moved it to File Shredder. In Win7 the address for these folders/files is C:/Users/"name"/ApplicationData/Roaming/.... ". However, I cannot find such files on Win7 Explorer as there is no folder visiblity after C:/Users/"name". Also I cannot locate or access the folders/files in File Shredder. I am assuming Win7 has stopped access to these folders. Any help with acess to these folders would be appreciated.


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This is free and I read that it works on Windows 7:
File Shredder

Is that what you meant? I'm not sure I completely understood the question.

Hi zvit, Thanks but File shredder is the very shredding tool that I use. However, on Win7 using Mozilla Thunderbird I cannot shred files below "User" Folder which is where the eails I wish to shred are stored. Furthermore, I cannot read these folders below "User" anyway. On Xp there was no such problem. Any ideas?

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