Win7: Files did not transfer from win.old.

So I used the Vista "Easy Transfer" for a clean Win7 install and worked, but alot of the files did not make it to Win7. Files like Turbo Tax and Webroot AntiSpyware are still in Window.old. How do I bring the those programs to operate on Win 7. The transfer is form Vista 64 bit to Win7 64 bit.

Also, I glimpsed some threads and saw complaints about Vista's "Easy Transfer" and there appears to be another method for install. Could some please elaborate on this? It seemed to tid bits here and there on it, but I didn't see a solid picture on the issues and resolutions.

Thank you.


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They won't work,. they need to be re-installed,. because there is no registry entries for those programs.

The C:\windows.,..old directory can be safely deleted

Thank you Reg.

I have to do this 2 more times, is there a way to avoid this issue? Another method for loading WIN7? Is there a better way to accomplish loading WIN7 to a PC/ Laptop, or is this a pill I'm just going to have to swallow.

Thank you for the quick answer and help.


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No problem,.

Did you perform a"clean" install rather than an upgrade?

I did a clean install following the instructions from the magazine "Smart Computing" and used the Easy Transfer program supplied in the Visa windows. I downloaded everything to cd's and then reloaded them when prompted to by Easy Transfer.


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Do the programs work?

Sorry Reg for the late answer, I have been traveling a bit. I had to reload all of the programs to the laptop, so yes it transferred all the personalized settings but none of the programs. All the programs were archived in "OldWin," but that was it. Pretty disappointing actually.

A side note: You will have to buy the win7 webroot if you are running it and switcht to Win7 :p

It really is gonna suck reloading EVE and WoW. ..............[face palm]

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I had one simple program that kept track of my bile riding mileage with about 10 years of data in it. It had a 16 bit installer so it wouldn't open and install. I experimented on virtual PC and found that if I copied program folder from working system then copied to C drive opened and clicked on the single registry file it took care of everything. This was basically data and no drivers.
I know reloading the software sucks but a clean install is worth it. Look at all of the people having problems from upgrading.

Yeah i totally agree with you. Clean install is always the way to go when it comes to major changes like this. It is not like swapping out hardware. Even though you are given the option install over the old program, you are just asking to be worn as a shoe through your butt. Software should never be built over, there is just too much risk of something or everything getting all jacked up. Win7 made so many changes and updates everywhere, it's like riding in a Pinto and building a Porsche into; it may work but man is there gonna be some headache. :( Goods and bads of life.

My whining was just wishing for a perfect world, but I think i will forego installing for now on my gamer pc :D

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