Win7 firewall vs Comodo Firewall - hardware resources

Hi guys,

I have no idea how to measure how much resources does win7 built in firewall consume.
On my PC I use comodo (it takes less than 2MB of RAM) - note that I use it without the defence+ module (it's annoying and I'm an experienced pc user so UAC is enough).
The thing is that I've recently bought a netbook which has 2gb of ram and a 1.2Ghz athlon processor. So I'm wondering if it's better (primarily resource wise) to use Comodo (and disable the win7 firewall) or just continue using the built in solution?


Stand alone solutions tend to do better than Suites usually.Commodo firewell is a fine app of its kind,
its free,and has got a really efficient HIPS module.It nags for a week than,but once the rules are set and
made,its the most robust Firewall u would thing to note here is taht the paid version of the
Commodo Firewall is exactly thesame as the free version,only customer support is added in the Pro version.
Kudos to Commodo for this.


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