Win7 Freeze while editing HD Video

Dear members,

I'v followd the threat about the random freezes cause i thought it would solve mine, but no..
I don't have the random freezes of win7 but only while editing hd video. After 5-20 minutes it's all over.. It doesn't really freezes but gets reaaaaly slow like some people told in the random freeze topic. It only goes away when i reboot te pc.
As you can imagine it takes forever to compile my vacation movies..

This problem only occurs when I'm editing of watching HD video's in Pinnacle 14, and sometimes also with the small internet movies (youtube does work but while watching some other movies the problem occurs too)

I'v tried several things including the power management, and driver update of every single piece of software on my pc.
ps. Kaspersky is off while editig video's.

My system is as followd:

motherboard Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2, S1156,P55,4xDDR3,2xPCIe,mATX
Processor Intel Core i7 860 2.80GHz, 8MB, S1156, Box
CPU Cooler CoolerMaster Hyper TX3, S1156/775/AM3/AM2
Harddisk Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB, 7200rpm, 32MB, SATA
Diskdrive Informatique 12 in 1 Cardreader, 3.5", Zwart, Int.
3D Card Club 3D Radeon 5850 1GB, 2xDVI, HDMI, DP, PCIe
Memory 1xKingston ValueRam 4GB(2x2) DDR3 1333MHz C9
CD-Rom drive LG BH08LS 8x Blu-Ray RW , Zwart, SATA, Retail
OS Microsoft Windows 7 H. Prem. NL, 64b, oem
Powersupply Corsair CMPSU-650HX 650Watt, ATX/EPS12V

Maby but just maby their is a connection with the mobo? Cause the internal card reader doest work (only once when i pull the plug from the mobo and put it back in while its on, then it recognizes for once. This part I replaced and it still keeps forgetting the card reader. Also windows system classification enters a error when i try to classificate my system.

ps. Games like crysis COD etc are doing excellent in max. settings. And I almost forgot but when i boot my system in save mode it doesn't crash?!?!

Hope one of you has the answer to this annoying probolem of mine!

ps, excuse me for my english, I'm dutch :)

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Have you downloaded the latest drivers for your Radeon 5850?

yep, catalyst 10.2 if i believe, im not at home but it's deffinity uptodate

Catalyst 10.2 is installed on my pc..

Has really nobody a clue what's going on with my pc...?


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Have you tried to reinstall Pinnacle 14? Is it compatible with 64 bit? Besides internet videos are you having the crash anywhere else, or just Pinnacle?

I've tried to reinstal pinnacle 14 and it doesnt really crash but just as in the other threat my pc gets verrrrrry slow and I'm just able to save my project and press the restart button. And this happens only with pinnacle and some internet movies, no where els.


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Assuming the software is compatible with Win 7 x64, what type of monitor or output are you running. From my old days in video editing, I seem to remember you had choices about how you could view the output, especially during editing. Maybe you could adjust how the video was viewed during those times.

Win 7 has also had problems installing with an HD TV connected to the output, so your problems might be related to that.

The software is indeed the x64 version for win7 sow that should work. The monitor I'm using is an older LG 17inch (L1730s) which works allright. The software also recognizes the monitor.
But now you mention it, I had a little problem with it a while ago. Then it said that the monitor driver crashed and a second later said it whas repaired. I dont know if it has anything to do with it?
And how do you mean exactly over the choices you have for output? The pc crashes while editing and there only is a small screen where you can see the movie as you edit.


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And how do you mean exactly over the choices you have for output? The pc crashes while editing and there only is a small screen where you can see the movie as you edit.
It has been so long ago I do not remember the settings and it wasn't Pinacle I was using, but there were options for something like realtime playback....

Have you tried running Task Manager or one of the other performance monitors to see if you can tell what is taking the CPU time the most?

Am I reading correctly your CPU cooler is not OEM, and if so, did you have a reason to use it?

I've got an i7 core and at the most I'm using like 30% or sow, and my memory goes up to 3 gig from the 4 I have.

About the CPU cooler, it was recommended by other people when I put every piece together. I cant remember their reasons but I can imagine that you cooler is an important piece of the pc. So there is no specific reason for it.

Anyway, good you notist, than you pay attention ;) Any other idea to fix my problem? cause it is getting really annoying..


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Since I really do not know what is causing the problem, I would just suggest you shut down any other programs you can while editing. Maybe even an anti-virus is trying to scan an slowing things down.

I've tried that but I can't see where the problem comes from... The anti virus is shut off so that's not the problem but something is.. cause in save mode it doesnt crashes! Sow it should be software related than?


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Have you ever tried the Microsoft DVD editor? It seems it should have the same reaction as Pinnacle 14, but I don't have much experience with it either.

Do you have plenty of room for the video storage and a fast hard drive to keep up. It just seems something is causing it to slow down, like some other application, or memory getting full, or maybe pagefile filling up...

I have not run anything in Win 7 to test, so it may just be Win 7 and one of your codecs.

You might try this site to see if they would know more about this type of thing. I just don't have any ideas... - Forum, Guides, Tools and hardware lists

Nope, never heard of Microsoft DVD editor.. I only looked for HD editors cause I've got a hd cam.

I do have plenty of room for video storage and a regular? hard drive. I do agree it seems that something is filling up causing it to the slow down.. but It doesnt say that in the cpu and memory screen(tastbar manager?). Even when it has feezed I've got plenty of cpu and memory left.

What do you mean with pagefile, how can I check that?

I'll go and check that video help website but my gut feeling says it has nothing to do with the program..


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If you are playing real HD video (1920x1080) you need hard drives in Raid configuration. This is why your PC slowing down in work.
It doesn't get the info it needs in time.

I'm not playing in real HD (I have a older 17inch monitor) but edit HD video, I dont know if that's the same?

Does itstill goes up than? the raid thing your talking about? I don't know what Raid configuration is but I think you mean that I'll have to invest more..


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It doesn't matter what your monitor is. It's the files you are using. Check properties on your files to see id they're real HD.
Raid means having 2 (or more) disks working together. It does need a Raid card add in or it may be available on your mobo but it does mean more investments.....

Allright, well the files are indeed HD (1920x1080 MPEG 2 ), but I'll find it hard to imagine that I just spend 1200 euro's on a pc which even can't do HD..
In my case if this is the case it actualy does mean more investment cause I only have one harddisk. Sow then I need to buy one more and maby a raid card ontroler right?

If thats the case I would be really happy with you to figure out the solution, but be angry on the company who sold the damn thing :p

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Have you checked the problem with the company that sold you the PC?
You can also check the Pinnacle site for their recomendation for editing HD materials. I wonder what they say...
One more thing I can think of is more RAM. But than you need Win7 64 bit. What is yours?
And again it's more money.............

I bought the pc at a company pretty far from here and they wont say anything over the telepfone.. They want me to drop it off and will not say how long it's going to take.. Can be days or.. And that is something that bothers me cause I need it badly for my company and final exams for school.. A friend recommented the company but damn.. they suck

ON, This system should be good enought to do everything, that's what they said when I askt it to the company and comput fora.
I dont think I need more RAM cause when I watch the I dont know how to call it, but when you press ctrl alt del (system managment or so?) It doesn't go over 3gig.. It always stays between the limits bolth RAM as processor.
ps, I do have x64 sow pc the should have acces to all 4 gig RAM (it does recognize them)

Edit, I checked the pinnacle website and my pc does match the system demands. (it only needs 2 gig RAM)

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