Win7 freezes BSOD

Hi there

Win7 Ult. 64 bit
ATI Radeon HD 2400
Intel E8400
Intel X25-M 80GB
4 x Seagate 1.5GB SATA drives. 2 x eSata. 2 x Internal.

For some week now my machine just freezes when unattended. Sometimes within 10 minutes.
The mouse cursor moves but ‘ click ‘ is dead. The keyboard is dead.
Cntrl+Alt+Del doesn’t work.
Power ON/OFF required.
I’ve had this some 20+ times; no new HW & no ( as far as I’m aware ) new SW. MSE running. CCleaner used regularly. I don’t fiddle with the Registry. I’m thinking its still video related. The screen freezes the current desktop image at the time it crashes. It NEVER happens when I’m using the machine only when I’m away. Win7 not set to sleep or hibernate...

1. I have looked in Event Viewer. I can find nothing ‘ critical ‘ other than my switching the machine off :( and no related ‘ errors ‘.
2. I look at the ATI HD 2400. There had been problems with earlier drivers and these symptoms – drivers all now updated.
3. No errors on the SSD
4. I’d like to run CHKDSK; think with Win7 this might take a week on 6Gb with the new chkdsk ‘ speed ‘ of Win7 ( thanks M$).

I need to up my diagnostic game as I’m still clueless.

Advices please.


Hey Rich.

If you type msinfo32 in the start menu then press enter, then use file | save, it will create a file where you tell it to. Then zip this file and attach it to a post, using the paperclip above where you type, in advanced mode reply.

Doing this will let me see things that may need to be done to solve this issue for you.

Many thanks. Here is the zipped file.
Memtest V4 says all is Ok.
(Dual boot but cannot see how it can be GRUB; but Ubuntu 10.04 installed. Its fast & works like a dream :p)

Again thanks.



1) Your Marvell Yukon Ehternet driver is from July 2, 2009. This will update it to June 14, 2010:

Marvell: Download Drivers

2) Your Serial Host Raid Controller doesn't have a driver installed. This will install it:

3) There is a new bios to install for the motherboard:

(Be sure this is your board. If not exact, then change to the page for it and download from there.)


I have applied the Yukon Marvell Ethernet driver update.

I have 2x checked the BIOS & it seems up to date. In fact I applied SX38S10S.BIN whereas the latest now listed on the Shuttle website is now SX38S10R.BIN. S was released 20091211

I disabled the MB Serial RAID controller as I had an Adaptec 1225SA RAID Card installed and I think from memory they conflicted when I ran Vista; which made me run screaming to Ubuntu. Uninstalled the card drivers & havent bothered to remove the PCIe card when i moved to Win7...just lazy.


Lets see what happens


In the driver list you attached, look for any drivers from below July 14, 2009 (there are lots). Update all of those, especially the Intel RAID. You can let Intel's site scan for latest driver or if they won't apply it, visit the motherboard webpage.

If you can't sort it, your best bet is to clean install Windows 7 instead of the prior upgrade you're using.


Will update all drivers. & see what happens.

btw ...bitter experience has taught me NEVER to upgrade OSes, I always do a clean install.

Not sure about the Intel RAID drivers; will update but had alot of difficulties with this at BIOS update time when i installed Win7 64 bit.

Thanks :razz:

Updated the drivers...then went back & restored some old ones. Yes.... Logitech that means you.....

But it still grinds to a halt with monotonous regularity.

I had the same problem. The solution that appears to work:

Under "Device Manager / Network adapters / Marvell . . . / Advanced" tab:
Energy Star: Disabled
Wake From Shutdown: Off
Wake-Up Capabilities: None

Any combination of the three might be the culprit. The leading culprit would be Energy Star. I can see where the OS would turn off the port after inactivity but fail to turn it on when activity resumes. Either Microsoft or Marvell didn't implement the feature correctly.

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