win7 freezing after 5 MINS

i'm new to this forum,please help me with my issue..
a week before i formatted my c drive and installed win7 ultimate and comodo free antivirus.i was using bit torrent too for movie downloads.system was runnin all night and the next day morning my bit torrent went blank !!!!there was no downloads in queue..i doubted for some virus and tried to give a full system scan but it was showing some error the next day it started showing some real problems..system went freezin after 5 to 10 mins..mouse ,keyboard, taskmanger..nothin worked.i uninstalled all softwares includin comodo and tried to reinstall windows.reinstalling win7 was more will freeze in between..after several shutting down and starting again using power button i successfully installed win7 and its drivers..but still the problem persists..1st i thought my HD went down but its workin in safe mode,only one time the system freezed wen i tried to open in safe mode..
i haven't met with this kind of problem with my system in past 3 years..please help me..:frown:
Intel core2 quad CPU Q9400 @2.66GHz 2.67GHz
4GB ram
64bit OS
500 GB sata HDD
NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT V1.1



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If I've understood this Forum correctly, we don't support use of torrents. Sorry. You get out of that mess, do a proper scan for any malware and viruses, and if you still have trouble, please feel free to get in contact.

hi titanic..
thanks for tht reply..i already got out of tht torrent thing..i hav reinstalled i only hav win7 and its drivers ..


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Thanks for your thanks. :)

Freezing after a certain time could be caused by such a simple issue as heat. Especially if it happens playing a game, or running some heavier software. When was the last time you gave your computer a proper Housewife vacuum cleaner treatment?

Or checked that your fans are really rolling?

But since you have this mention of bit torrent, I would suspect an infection. And those baddies don't go out through a re-installation of Windows. The only true way is to zero format your HDD, then partition it and install Windows. --- That's what I would do, and that's what I've done a few times, having been attacked by hackers [who didn't like my opinions or my way to express them].

Free Partition Manager - AOMEI Partition Assistant Home is an option for a tool. There are others too.

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