[WIN7] How to adjust the fonts in the following windows???

I cannot change the fonts in these two following windows. I would like to change all these fonts into Arial, but I cannot find a way to change them.

I try to adjust them in 『personalization』=> 『window color』 => 『advanced appearance settings』=> 『Active title bar』or 『Menu』. This method was practicable in browser menu, PDF files menu, etc. But it only failed to adjust these two windows...what a marvelous = =!

What can I do???? HELP T^T


BTW, since the fonts in this window are odd so that some contents in this window cannot be shown, OMG....



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try this link on how to change your default font in win 7:


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Thanks, but I still failed to change them......I don't know why~~~

Hihihi....could sb give me a gracious hand ???? =[


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Did you try all three methods outlined in the link? If so, then perhaps windows isn't doing what it's supposed to? And if that is the case then you could repairing your installation by either a custom or upgrade install depending on your back up situation.

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