WIN7 Image created with imagex deploy with WDS??

First post here and need some help. I have an image on bootable media (DVD). The image spans 3 dvds broken down into SWM files. I have been able to combine the SWM's with imagex into 1 large wim. In viewing the contents the WIM contains 2 images (image 1 & image 2). During the initial image install via dvd's two partitions are created. Image 1 contains the OS, applications etc and is installed on the first partition. Image 2 from the best I can tell contains dormant directories with some of the applications setup files that are installed from the 1st image. I say dormant because I don't see them installing during the imaging process. I believe they are there incase a tech needs to reinstall the software. My boss would like to stop the 3 dvd install process and move to a WDS install on a 192.168 network. We have a bunch of systems coming in over the next year 2013 and my boss is trying to avoid the walk around the office with dvd in hand install issue. He wants to image multible at once over the closed network. Seems logical to me. Is it possible to to have WDS complete this process? I have been working with WDS and WAIK for the last week or so and enjoy the features. I am new to the WDS but have used Ghost and RIS in the past a lot. I can get WDS to create the 1st partition and 2nd partition. But how do I get it to install the 1st image on partition 1 and the 2nd image on partition 2 in one process with an answer file?
One part of me is thinking it's not possible and to move forward with the install on partition 1 and once created run a robocopy to just pull over the directories from the 2nd image. Of course extracting the 2nd image first and putting the directories on a network share. Any advice on moving forward would be welcome.

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