Win7 Install on win8 laptop with uefi and gpt

I am a bit stuck. Friend detests windows 8 even after i enabled the start button for them. I figured id help them out by installing win7 on it for them....should be easy no? nope.
i deleted the OS partition and it now wont let me install my win7 32bit oem disk on it.
i get the cannot install on gpt error.
i read a few posts on this but non answer all my questions.

im looking for the quick way to get it back up and running.

I either want to get it back to running the stock win8 from the recovery partition...if its even possible at this point (auto repair fails..but i only deleted OS other partitions are intact)

Or i want to just continue getting win 7 32bit on the machine...i just fear i must delete the rest of the partitions and use a partitioning program. i am using the computer with bios set to legacy mode...just to see the dvd drive.

Any help is much appreciated

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I'm just guessing but since you went to legacy for BIOS would you need to go back to MRB? You might go down to the Windows 8 forum here and search around.


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The new laptop bioses are set up to use the Windows 8 secure boot. You will probably have to change some settings in that bios, so look for something mentioning CSM and/or secure boot.

If you are going to install Windows 7 as a replacement for Windows 8, it might be best to clean the drive with Diskpart prior to starting the install. But this is a little hard for me to advise regarding the original install and the recovery for that, in case needed. But it depends on how the system was set up and what recovery/install media you have.

A Windows 7 DVD needs to be booted in the UEFI mode, and the bios may already be set up to see only UEFI versions...another possible settings change for you. If you use the Boot Device menu, you should see two listings for the DVD drive, with one showing a UEFI version. That is what you will need to install on a GPT drive. Once you clean the drive with Diskpart, it will no longer be GPT, unless you reinstall using the UEFI configuration.

Let us know exactly how you want to handle it and we will get it done.... I will assume your OEM Windows 7 has not be previously used, or you feel you can install it without problems?

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Is there an easy way to repair the partition at this point so that the windows 8 restore will work?


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If you have not messed with the Windows 8 recovery partition, try booting into the Recovery Environment and see what options you have.

I have no indication about what type of computer it is or how the OS was installed. If the Windows 8 files are there, it might recover the system to factory specs. The computer may have some special key combination to get into such a utility.

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