Windows 7 Win7, iTunes and iPod: Don't Sync


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Feb 21, 2009
Hello, I have windows 7 (7000) iTunes installed and the problem that my iPod Video is not synchronized by iTunes, I tried with my iPhone and it syncs, but not the ipod. Any advice?
Maybe try to connect your Ipod to other PC. I have Ipod Nano 3G and no problems. Try app called SharePod
3g iphone

Okay so the iphone 3g does sync with itunes in windows 7? Im just wondering I tried installing itunes on build 7022 but it was an epic fail... had to do an clean install of that build. Has anyone tried it with rc build 7100? Thanks
I've the same problem with RC 7100. Can't sync Ipod classic and Ipod shuffle!
I have nothing but problems with iTunes 8 and Windows 7 (7100) trying to sync. I get random events where a sync or two might work and then suddenly in the middle of the next sync the progress stops and the iPod will not connect again until a reboot is performed. This leaves me with ghost files in the iPod that can't be removed without wiping and restoring it.

I think it's Apple's middle-ware that craps out durring the transfers. You wouldn't think transfering files over usb would be that hard to accomplish.
After playing around a bit, i found a working solution for iTunes 8.2 x64 in combination with Windows 7 and an iPod Shuffle. I posted the workaround on another Windows 7 Forum: IPOD Shuffle
Good Fix!

The fix Pazzazo posted worked for my 2nd Gen IPod Nano on Windows 7 Build 7100 as well.

Thumbs up, slick! Thanks for the help!
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