Win7 live mail drafts - add print option

If I create and save an email to draft folder then let me print it via file pulldown please.
I know you can use view -> reading pane and print from there, but for file pulldown to just show "save, save as, and close" but not print is silly.
Simple change but would help improve user experience.

Are you talking about Windows Live Mail from Windows Live Essentials?

I went into my Windows 7 virtual machine as it is the only 1 where I have WLM running. As far as I knew what is the 'File' button did offer Print. But, since you said what you did, I went to dbl check. Well, I was right... I did A wee note as a New Mail, Saved it to Drafts, went there & the 'File' buttom (top right corner) gives a drop-down menu which, does, indeed, offer Print. See photo...



Hi Drew,
Here is my screenshot.... no print option at all.


I am using.....
windows 7 with windows live mail 2011
Version 2011 (Build 15.4.3538.0513)
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hope this helps

Ok, well, that's not right. I can't recall & I can't look @ it easily & quickly, right now, whether WL M has Repair, like Outlook or not. I would suggest Uninstall & Reinstall, making sure it's the latest version.
Windows Live Essentials: Other Programs - Get started


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