Win7 machine does not receive some emails


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I started to use a new win7 machine (Dell XPS 8000) for our buiness operation a few days ago.
What I found was that many emails are not receiving by Win 7 machine (I use Outlook 2007).
When I opened one of our XP computers in the late afternoon, I found tons of emails in the XP computer.
Both XP Pro SP3 and Win7 machines have similar configuration with the same McAfee security program.
Unless I solve this missing email issue, I might be forced to use XP computer for our business.
Does anybody have simialr experience? If so, how could you fix this serious problem. hummer


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That might be a problem with Outlook. I've never liked it personally. Maybe it's really better for an office environment though. There could be a setting that needs to be changed somewhere in Options. But if you're an office administrator I'm sure you know a lot more about it than I do.

Maybe Windows Live Mail would work better.

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Sorry I don't know how to tell you how to fix Outlook. I really don't think it's being caused by Win7 though.
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Thanks for your reply. I spent a lot of time to figure out the fix. I even contacted ISP techie. So far no success.
Again, in the past, I have never encountered any problem with receiving email in Outlook with Windows XP machine.
When tested "test account setting" in outlook, both sending and receiving are fine. But what I see is that outgoing mail is OK. The problem is receiving emails. Therefore, it is clear that Windows 7 system affected the capacity of receiving emails in Outlook.

Meanwhile, I also set up Window Live Mail (WML) accounts. WML is just fine. So I have been using WML yesterday.
But I would rather like to use Outlook because it has more functions and convenient than WML.


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"Therefore, it is clear that Windows 7 system affected the capacity of receiving emails in Outlook. "

I am using Outlook and Windows7 and not having a problem. Therefore,....

How many accounts do you have on each system? Are the messages being routed to your junk email file?


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I did not anything on Outlook or Windows 7. With WinXP machine, Hunk E-mail box is used to get tons of junk mails.
Since switching to Win7, none are seen in the Junk Email box. I have 4 email accounts in Win7 machine, and 7 emails accounts in WinXP.