Win7 Media Player 12 Albumart Is Nuts


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I need help with Media Player 12 in Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I have albums in my Library containing mp3 and wav files that have come from my tapes recorded on my Revox B77. I have always been able to paste my own albumart to the Album icons in earlier players without any trouble. Here are the symptoms:

1. There are three types of my album icons in the Library/Music/Album Pane: A. some display properly as they did in Media Player 11. B. some display the generic musical note of Media 12 if no albumart is present in the album and C. some incorrectly display one of my jpg images which I never pasted to the album and which resides in a completely unrelated folder.

2. When I look at these albums and files in Explorer, I do not see any differences. They are not read-only and show the incorrect AlbumArt Large.jpg, Small.jpg, AlbumArtSmall.jpg and Folder.jpg. Deleting these files in the album, deleting the album from the Player and bringing it back into the Player does not solve the problem and the deleted incorrect albumart is back as before.

3. Right clicking on the icon in the Player and executing the command "Paste album art" results in a dialog: "Album art can't be changed when a song from the album is in use. Please try again later". However, if a song is used anywhere on my machine, I certainly have no idea how and where this can be the case.

4. When I take the album with only the mp3 files without the jpg files and with a new Album name to my HP Notebook computer, the problem is identical and the incorrect album art is attached to the album.

I know this is quite wordy, but this seems to be a nasty situation deserving a decent description. Finally, all was well in MP 11.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Wolfgang in Texas

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