Win7 - Network card still sleeping on idle despite settings

There are several threads about the network card going to sleep when a laptop is idle, but all of them I've seen just suggest the same things regarding various settings. I still have the same problem despite having set the following settings...

In "Change Plan Settings"
Dim display: 5 min
Turn off display: 10 min
Sleep: Never

In "Advanced Power Settings"
Turn off Hard disk: Never
Sleep After: Never
Hibernate After: Never

In "Power Management" tab of "Network Connection Properties"
Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power: UNchecked

Windows 7 Professional (all of the latest updates)
Dell Latitude E6500
Intel 82567LM Gigabit network card
(automatic driver update = "Your drivers are up to date")

Are there any other settings I've missed that could be causing my card to shut down as soon as my display cuts off? Or is this a bug in Windows 7 Pro?


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Not sure, maybe.
Since this is a laptop, are you talking about your wireless card? If so then yes. Advanced power settings should also include a +sign next to Wireless Adapter Settings - Power Saving Mode - Set that to "Maximum Performance". If we are talking about your integrated wired ethernet NIC, then perhaps change the PCI Express - Link State Power Mangement - Off.
See if that helps and thanks for joining our community.
Keep us posted.

Thanks for the warm welcome and quick reply! I am talking about the integrated NIC. I'll try the Link State option, thanks!

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