Win7 Network share connection dropouts, choppiness

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    Hello, this community is real cool and smoothened out my test transition to Win7.. But I've had a prob that wont go away, here it goes:

    Im currently running Windows 7 build 7600 ver 090713-1255 x64. I've configured my Windows 7 homegroup with other PCs in the network on my Thomson Speedtouch 585 v6 router.. This is all on wired connections..
    In Networking advanced settings, I've set:
    • turn on network discovery
    • turn on file and printer sharing
    • turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files
    • enable media streaming
    • enable file sharing for devices with 40-56bit encryption
    • Turn off password protected sharing
    • Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections
    I have also designated static IP addresses to both PCs, however on the Win7 Machine only for IPv4 as I don't think my router supports IPv6.

    Now everything works fine at first. I can view and access files from both my Winxp sp3 Machine and Win7.. The mayhem starts when I actually start accessing the files. This was also tested with Ubuntu 9.04 on a samba share, resulting in the exact same problem.
    First of all, I tried transferring files resulting with woeful speeds (2-4mb\per second!), all of a sudden the connection drops out, I can't access the shared drives anymore and Windows 7 gets choppy affecting everything from music to mouse movement! This also happens whenever I try to access files such as viewing videos or music from both ways.. The choppiness persists until I restart..

    I really don't understand what's the deal, I thought this homegroup thing was supposed to provide less problems and more solutions.. I'm not sure what to do next, should I disable IPv6? or does anybody familiar with this problem have a workaround?
    Thanks for reading, would appreciate the help :confused:
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