Win7 new windows not opening on top

Win7 x64 Ultimate

About 98% of the time, when I double click on a file (video, photo, mp3, etc) the app opens under the current window.
Rarely it opens on top like I'm used to.

Never had this issue with XP, it always opened the app on top of whatever else was open and maximized at the time.

Any settings I'm missing for this? Maybe a registry edit I can do?

I've searched & Googled and found nothing, which is extremely rare.

Anybody? :confused:

I have exactly the same problem. I need help too!! My problem is that when I open files using Windows Explorer the file is being opened on the back but not on the front as it should.

The weird thing is, that on my Win7 Ultimate x86 laptop, after I finally got WMP11 installed & working on it and fixed the "double-click to open" problem, it now opens WMP11 on top, like I'm used to.


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Does this happen with all programs or just specific ones?

I have noticed certain types of Windows/alerts will open behind other windows and have come to believe it is the way the software was written and did not work correctly in Win 7, but I have no confirmed answer.

WMP12 when I double-click on .mp3 or any video file, picture viewer when I d/c on a .jpeg or other image file, the calculator when I open it with
the keyboard button (this one might be a different issue, though it did open on top in XP with the button).

I would add problems with MS Word not opening on the top


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It sounds like if you open a program by clicking on a component, it will open under and not focus on the new program. Does the same thing happen if you double or single click the program starter? Are you talking about using the flyout menus?

Sorry I don't understand. Let me put you an example.
Imagine I want to open a Word docx not within the program (there is no problem opening files within Word) using Windows Explorer when no other Word docx is opened. In that case I don't have a problem. The file is opened and appeard at the top of my screen.
Ok, now imagine I want to open a Word docx not within the program using Windows Explorer having another Word doc open. In that case I have the problem. The file is opened but not at the top I need to minimized my Windows Explorer so as to see it and work with it.

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