Win7 not seeing Sata Drive

I have both a Sata (Seagate 500mB) and ATA Samsung installed in my computer. Vista installed on the Sata without problem and sees my ATA which I use mostly for backups.

When I ran the install for Win 7 I installed on the ATA, install did not see the Sata. Now up and running I still cannot see the Sata drive. In device manager under storage controllers is a raid controller with an yellow exclaimation. Raid is disabled in the bios. Under the "Disk Drives" section of device manager only the ATA is there. I see the same driver in Vista and its working fine. Vista also shows my Seagate SATA installed as a SCSI device.

I did try to find a driver unsucessfully for the raid controller M1573 (MSI RD480 Neo2 MB) but as I have it disabled in the bios don't really know why I'd need it?

Any ideas? All my media files are on the Sata.

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I'm pretty sure it's because windows will show a SATA controller that it doesn't have drivers for as RAID. Have you tried the drivers here? MSI -- MICRO-STAR INT'L CO., LTD. There for XP, so they might not work with Windows 7 though.

Also, does Windows update offer a driver for the SATA/RAID controller?


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Some SATA Drives still need to have drivers available, as opposed to being included in the OS.

Didn't mention that but I did try it to no avail. On thought that comes to mind is if I could copy/use the Vista driver which is installed and working correct.

I will try windows update later this evening.

Checked the Seagate site, they say there is no driver for download as it comes with Vista.


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Did you resolve your issue?
I have the exact same problem with the exact same motherboard,
I know this thread is a bit old, but i can't seem to resolve the problem.

I would be much obliged for some help please.

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