Win7 NTLDR is missing.. ctrl alt del to restart

I searched every where and people have had this issue but none of which has solved my problem...
so the scenario is i dual booted XP and Win7 for a while because i wasn't sure if it was the right choice..
when i use to boot i got the screen do you wish to boot an earler version of windows or would you like to boot Win7

... any way i got a disk wipe and wiped my hard drive Clean... now that i try and boot

NTLDR is missing
ctrl alt del to restart

I don't want to reinstall Win7 it will over Write to many files i need Please very important can anyone help.. Pm me or comment here Please


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I'd say your options are limited, it's looking for NTLDR which is the Win XP loader, so it's probably looking in the wrong place because it should be looking for bootmgr you can try looking at this article and see if any of it works for you but I would guess when you did the wipe you took the hidden "Boot" folder and bootmgr file with it.

I was able to Get to the f8 option, and when i search files .. its shows that the E: drive is the drive that my Win7 is on .. the wiped drive is the C: drive i can't format it for because i can't get to compmgmt.msc well the diskmgmt part of it ... im going to read that Article now thanks a bunch people.. i will get to the bottom of this


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Good attitude, and of course I wish you good luck. Hope the article works for you, I just don't want to get your hopes up too high.


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It is very hard to understand what might be happening in some circumstances with dual boot installs. Hopefully the Startup repair Drew suggested will work, but it appears when you "wiped" the drive, you removed the boot files. This can be fixed, but if the Startup repair does not work after 2 or 3 subsequent trys, you may need other help. Perhaps just making the Win 7 partition active might allow the Startup repair to work.

.. i believe the partition is active, i activated it before i wiped the HHD with XP on it. i was thinking if i can find my XP disk i'll just put it back on there.. but the disk isn't even being recognized because its not "formatted" so thats a dead end.. where is this boot file kept and what is requesting the boot file? is there some Cache perhaps that i can clear so it thinks that the HHD with Win7 is the only drive.. because even when i remove the HHD that had XP on it .. it still is requesting for the file because i still get NTLDR is missing ..

when i go into work tomorrow i'll grab a pc and see if i can format it if i can't figure this out tonight .. frustration when you build your own pc but when it works its always Pronominal..


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Do you have 2 hard drives? If so have you set the Win 7 drive to primary in the bios?

The boot files were probalbly on the XP install you wiped. The Startup repair will replace the Win 7 boot files and set everything up IF you have that drive as primary in the bios and the partition is active. Do you know how to tell for sure the partition is active?

As was mentioned, it will take 2, possibly even three separate attempts.

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yes i have 2 drives... and now i have a separate problem ...i was performing a bootup and now my keyboard isn't recognized .. its usb.. because i have only usb inputs ... and its not even showing up and i have one of those Mobo's that wont do anything with out a Keyboard installed ... so im back to square one .. up a creek with out a paddle...


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Do you have the F keys turned on?

Did you set the Win 7 drive to primary or is this where you are having problems?

ok fixed the Keyboard issue ... the win 7 drive is the primary drive now. its the only drive .. i still got the NTldr is missing so i rebooted with disk system repair .. found errors and try'd to fix again .. and now lets see what happens

there it goes ladies and gentlemen ... tho i think i may have Jammed my finger in the process we have succeeded with a fully operational boot Win7 still rules.. thanks everyone that helped me out.. i will be coming back here if i experience any other inconveniences.. Thank you so very much guys seriously :eek: \

now i will put back the other hard drive and attempt again .. later tonight not right now got work to do..
so i leave you with this
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You need to leave the Win 7 drive as primary. Then use EasyBCD to add the Dual Boot.

I have just been playing with trying to dual boot if the Win 7 install has a System Reserved Partition, the 100mb one it will sometimes add. Dual booting with it is a little harder and throws new problems into the mix. Just saying in case you have one of those.

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