Windows Vista Win7 RC BlackScreen after Install


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I've installed the new Win7 RC and started it. but then when normally the Configuring Screens with UserName, PCName etc. comes, i get a blackscreen. but in the right corner, there is written "Build 7100"... in the safe mod it works perfectly...
Vista also works perfectly. and in the build 7077 it worked perfetct too. i also bought a new monitor. i installed the RC after i plugged in my new monitor.
Sounds like you just need to set your monitor up.. As in the aspect ratio.. It could be that the image is "too big" which isn't allowing you to see the taskbar and such.. ;) Is the "Build 7100" text lower than it normally is? If so, then that's most likely the problem...

OR it could be that your video card needs to be tweaked a little to properly display your desktop on your new Monitor.. ;)
Try activating the Product Key manually; Win7RC has a built-in 15 second 'Black Screen' on initial boot up & shut-down. By manually activating the validation key, it will boot immediately, ala build 7000. However, Win7RC will 'automatically' validate the key after 3 days, which might account for people 'noticing' the OS speeding up on Boot. :)
Thanks but i solved the problem:
In the bootmanager i just choose to start in a very low resolution and now it works fine :)