Windows 7 Win7 Regional Themes

Windows 7 Regional Themes

Here are some Regional Themes that I put together for myself and I thought I would share them. I will be adding more as time permits. Some will be of just the States.
All files contain no less than 6 wallpapers each.
Hawaii contains 12 wallpapers, I couldn't help myself

Hope you like them.

Note: These do not contain self-installers.

Download MCT File size: 1.45 MB Argentina Added 9/24/09

Download MCT File size: 1.69 MB Austria Added 9/24/09

Download MCT File size: 864.6 KB Bulgaria Added 9/24/09

Download File size: 1.47 MB China

http://www.filefront...515/ File size: 3.62 MB Brazil

http://www.filefront...521/ File size: 1.97 MB Egypt

http://www.filefront...529/ File size: 2.2 MB Greenland

http://www.filefront...633/ File size: 1.45 MB Greece

http://www.filefront...641/ File size: 1.78 MB Ireland

http://www.filefront...573/ File size: 1.75 MB Iceland

http://www.filefront...585/ File size: 3.76 MB Netherlands

Download MCT File size: 1.51 MB Portugal Added 9/17/09

http://www.filefront...595/ File size: 3.53 MB Russia

http://www.filefront...603/ File size: 1.95 MB South America

http://www.filefront...615/ File size: 1.46 MB Scotland

Download MCT File size: 2.28 MB Turkey Added 9/17/09

Note: Germany and Japan contain self-installers.

Download MCT File size: 4.71 MB Germany

Download MCT File size: 4.53 MB Japan

These are the US States

Download File size: 2.07 MB Added 9/17/09

Download File size: 3.85 MB Added 9/17/09

Download File size: 2.26 MB Added 9/17/09

Download File size: 1.25 MB Added 9/17/09

Download File size: 342 B Added 9/24/09

Download File size: 1.96 MB Added 9/17/09

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Sorry, but the themes for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia are all included in the "Windows 7 hidden themes."

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and there is no Türkiye(Turkey)..:(

I added Turkey for your dining pleasure:)

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thank you so much :):):):)

You are quite welcome :)

Check the "Added Dates"

More to come

Hi all,

I recently made up a new file for download.
This is of Regional Themes.
The file size is 79.7MB
The file contains all of the fore-mentioned (except Germany & Japan) themes plus a few new ones and are all in 1024x768 resolution. They look good on my screen, which is a 19' widescreen 1440x900 res.
There are 33 themes in all, 27 Regional and 6 Stateside
Hope you all like them.

Download Regional

This is a separate one for animal lovers;


Screenshot of my themes folder;


Due to McAfee Site Advisor red flagging FileFront and my files are no longer accessible, I have changed my file hosting site to MediaFire.

There are now 32 Regional Themes, 6 of which are the original Windows 7 "Hidden Themes", all packs contain no less than 6 wallpapers and are in 1024x768 resolution, which will work great for resolutions 1440x900 and under.

To install them, just download the zip and extract them to a place of your choosing.
Next, click Start/Control Panel/Change Desktop Background and browse to where you placed them, expand the MCT folder and click on the country name/wallpaper folder, save settings and close.
Next, right click desktop, click "Personalize" and right click the new theme to save it with the country's name.

Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

The countries are as follows;

AU=Australia-contains Windows 7 self installer
CA=Canada-contains Windows 7 self installer
DE=Germany-contains Windows 7 self installer
GB=Great Britain
JP=Japan-contains Windows 7 self installer
SA=South America, I realize this one is a continent.
ZA=South Africa-contains Windows 7 self installer

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