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    Hi all, am getting a bit wound up so before i do something daft here's the problem.
    I got my copy of win7 early, and so new toy-have to play :) well it has been installed 5 times so far, every time it does the same. After initially behaving it get's slow, especially if you try to goto the control panel, shows the spinny circle and just gives up (window becomes unusable) you can still open task manager and close it that way, so that's the first part, it has another party piece when you click either a desktop or task bar short cut it starts the process but not the gui - task manager shows process/app running- any ideas, theory, clues, much appreciated, feel free. ! last point now and again i get "server execution failed" i've spoken to ms tech and they were less than help full, lookin forward to some help
    just to say am now running ok, win7 seems very sensitive to drivers - more so than RC- not proven but Nod32 and vx 100 are main suspects, everything else i've got back in an goin well, cyber snipa mouse, belkin n52te, 360 controller, if i find out for definate i'll post back.

    ! Xonar drivers will run both 32 & 64 bit exe's, solve by finding and running this CmAux64 after running install audio but before restart. This was main culprit.

    2 Witcher game has Tages security which although it got disabled, the system syill ran slow.
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