Win7 Sharing with PS3 shares too much.

I have identified a major security issue with sharing when sharing to a PS3.

Setup: I have no homegroup set up. I am using a work network. I am allowing my libraries to be shared to my PS3. In order to share music, videos, and pictures to my PS3, I must simply add them to a library and they will show up as shared. Regular sharing does not work, neither does homegroup sharing when I try that. I figure I've got a good thing going because all I have to do is add something as a library and it shares. Very nice.

Problem: If I share C:\Dir1\Dir2\ it will show up correctly. If I then share C:\Dir1\Dir3\ it will begin to share C:\Dir1\. In other words, by sharing 2 directories with the same parent directory, Win7 figures it's now OK to share the entirety of the parent directory to the PS3. This assumes you are browsing the media server from the PS3's "folder" category.

Does anyone know why this might be? It's very disturbing how easily Win7 allows this accidental sharing and I think it's a major problem. Until it's fixed, I can't see a way to share specific directories unless I move everything around to never have the same parent directory.

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